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Have you ever had a Lucid Dream? One that felt so real but at the same time not real at all? A dream where you had complete control of your surroundings. So much, that you could change the outcome of it.

That's what Lucid Living Clothing Co. is, but in reality. We represent the ones who aren't just following the basic day to day, play it safe BS. We represent the ones who are making their dreams a reality.Your hustle represents who you are. Lucid Living represents how that looks. 

We started this lifestyle brand back in Aug. of 2016 in Dallas, TX. We created this vision then and still today we continue to promote and take it to a new level. We represent the hustlers, the moguls, the young business professionals, the young CEO's, and any entrepreneurial mind. Our mission is to give young entrepreneurs a way to express who they are without saying a word.

We plan to let others tell their story, how they got their start, what motivates them to do more and where they plan on ending up. Stay tuned to see the "lucid lifestyle" web series currently in the works. Feel free to reach out to us and tell us your story or what you think of the gear. We would appreciate any feedback to help improve and continue to grow. 

- The Designer


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